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88 HITS is a completely improvised mockumentary starring members of the Second City trained improv comedy troupe FOUR DAY WEEKEND.

SYNOPSIS: A once proud mob family faces troubling times when their money and their old ways of doing business begin to disappear.

The film was originally shot in 2001 and had a festival run in 2003 - and a small DVD release a few years later. In 2017 it was remastered in HD and re-released digitally on streaming platforms including Amazon Prime and Vimeo On-Demand (buy on Vimeo via the player above, which includes the movie and lots of great Bonus Features).

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Directed by Blake Calhoun
Produced by Blake Calhoun & Troy Grant

88 Hits
Starring Troy Grant, Burton Gilliam, David Wilk, Paul Slavens, Frank Ford

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