MORGANVILLE (2014-2015)

Digital series starring Amber Benson ("Buffy The Vampire Slayer"), Robert Picardo ("Star Trek: Next Generation") and Lindsay Seidel ("The Final")... Based on the New York Times Best-Selling novels "The Morganville Vampires" by author Rachel Caine.
Genre: Drama/Comedy (Young Adult Horror) 

Synopsis: Welcome to Morganville! Claire Danvers stumbles into a secret: Morganville’s owned by vampires. And so is everybody in it. With the help of new friends Michael, Eve and Shane, she might have a fighting chance of surviving the toughest little town in Texas … not to mention her killer classes.


PHOBIA (2013)

Feature film starring Erica Leerhsen ("Texas Chainsaw Massacre"-Remake), Chase Jeffery ("American Virgin"), Matthew Tompkins ("Missionary Man"), Stephanie Rhodes ("Friday The 13th"-Remake).

Genre: Horror/Thriller/Murder Mystery 

Synopsis: In 1885, a female doctor helping a group of people with their phobias becomes embroiled in a murder mystery surrounding a patient that might be a vampire. 


CONTINUUM (2011-2013)

An award-winning digital series starring Melanie Merkosky ("Lonely Girl 15"), Brad Hawkins ("Pink") and Taryn O'Neill ("Granite Flats").

Genre: SciFi/Thriller

Synopsis: A beautiful young space traveler awakens aboard an adrift ship with no memory of who she is or how she got there and at the mercy of the ship's mysterious computer.



Feature film starring Jake Johnson (FOX TV's "New Girl", "Jurrasic World"), Chase Jeffery ("American Virgin") and Kim Matula (CBS Soap "The Bold & The Beautiful").

Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: A disgruntled grocery store clerk can't quit living in the past until one night his store gets robbed and it changes his future forever. 



Feature film starring Sheree J. Wilson ("Walker, Texas Ranger"), Matthew Tompkins ("Odd Man Out"), Natalie Raitano ("V.I.P."), Burton Gilliam ("Blazing Saddles") and Julio Cedillo ("The Three Burials of Miguel Estrada").

Genre: Action/Thriller/Suspense

Synopsis: It's 1993. Seven years after it happened. But Steven Down can't let it go. He's a paranoid, troubled, mess of a man. A U.S. Army vet searching for the truth. The truth about a person he believes tortured him years earlier in the jungles of Nicaragua. But is this the man? Or is Down just another paranoid bloodbath waiting to happen? Only time will tell... and, maybe a few bullets.